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Freemasonry and Jazz PDF Print
There is a name list that I will like to share with you, please lend me your ears:
* Louis Armstrong-Jazz Musician
* Count Basie-Composer, Orchestra leader
* Irving Berlin-Entertainer
* James Herbert "Eubie" Blake-Composer and Pianist
* Nat "King" Cole-Great ballad singer and pianist
* Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington-Composer, Arranger, Pianist and Orchestra leader
* Lionel Hampton-Composer and Orchestra leader
* William C. Handy-Composer "Father of the Blues"
* Al Jolson-the Actor of the first talking picture (sound movie) (Jazz Singer)
* Glenn Miller-Orchestra leader
* Adolphe Joseph Sax-Inventor of the musical instrument saxophone
* Paul Whiteman-Orchestra leader "King of Jazz".
Now please let me ask you a question:
What is the common denominator among these people?
Louis Armstrong and Count Basie are well known great jazz musicians and I am sure that you know their names. Many of the songs of Irving Berlin's productions have been a part of the classic jazz literature known as the jazz standards. The same popularity in the world of music is true for both Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington.
Duke Ellington's orchestra has been considered as the most prominent jazz group of its era. Duke has always written music to bring out the best abilities and creative characteristics of his team members. Yet throughout the years many musicians have joined or left his group and Duke has rewritten his music according to the talents of his new members. This is how he has become a continuous source of inspiration and a milestone for countless musicians throughout his life. Nat King Cole is still popular for the musical heritage he has left for us many years after his death.
Glenn Miller has paved the way of Big Bands in the music world to unprecedented height.
The saxophone, one of the most jazz associated instrument of jazz music, was invented by Antoine Sax.
Now, I will like to repeat my question once again. What is the common denominator among all these names?
Your natural instinct will prompt you to say "jazz". Yes, "jazz" is the right answer, but there is still a missing part to it.
All of the names above have passed away long ago leaving us with their unforgettable deeds, and all of them were Freemasons. In fact the list is not limited to above names and there are many other jazz musicians, past and present, in the craft though they may be less known in the world.
Is there a link between jazz music and Freemasonry?
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